Christopher M. Barclay, Attorney at Law
Christopher M. Barclay, Attorney at Law

One of the biggest decisions facing people who want to start up a business is what entity to choose when starting the business. Each entity has its pros and cons but the worst decision of all may be to do nothing. Operating a business without the benefit of a separate entity may put the personal assets of the business owners at risk. Thus the choice to start the business as a separate entity may be wise. For a detailed comparison of the various entity choices click in this link to to go to my Articles page to review a spreadsheet which compares and contrasts a number of entity choices. For creating corporations or limited liability companies for most clients I charge a fixed rate. To see my current fixed fee for entity creation click here.

Corporations Historically, the most popular entity for new and existing businesses is the Corporation. I provide the following services relative to the formation of corporations:
Drafting and Filing Articles of Incorporation.
Preparing and filing of forms (i.e.SS-4 form) with the IRS.
Preparing and filing forms with the Secretary of State's Office.
Preparing By-Laws and Initial Board and Shareholder Consents.
Preparing S Election Form where applicable and filing with IRS.
Preparing Shareholder Agreement.
Issuance of Stock Certificates.

Limited Liability Companies. Although not as historically popular as a corporation for a choice of entity, the limited liability company has really become the most popular entity of choice over the last decade. This is primarily due to the fact that LLC's are easy to set up and maintain, and, unlike corporations in the State of Missouri, an LLC need not file an annual report with the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. I provide the following services relative to the formation of Limited Liability Companies:
Preparation of and filing of Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State.
Preparation of and filing of tax forms (i. e. SS-4 form and Check the Box entity choice form)
Preparation of Operating Agreement (including member purchase/sell restrictions)
Member/Manager consents.
Issuance of Certificates or Units.

Partnerships Partnerships, both limited and general, are still used by many businesses today. However, with the advent and popularity of the limited liability company, the partnership entity for businesses is not used as frequently as in the past. The partnership entity still is used quite frequently in the Estate Planning area. I provide the following services relative to creating partnerships for clients:
Preparing and Filing of Certificate of Partnership (general or limited) with he Secretary of State's office
Preparing Partnership Agreement.
Preparing Tax Forms (SS-4 Form)

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